Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy 2013 and One Resolution

Happy New Year everyone!

While many people may start a blog today, I'm not. I've come back for maybe three or four more posts and then go (ha ha, I tell myself one thing and stiggers goes and does another!)

Old followers... me and my son were handed another possession notice. Another!! I thought we had to be out on Boxing Day but silly me, I've not learnt even from myself! These notices are 'routine', 'standard' and it's to make it easier to boot us out come June!

To blog is to think about it, and I mustn't. It'll finish me off for sure. Besides, I've told you everything before: bidding, letters to councillors, to mp's, to politicians.

My last fight was all on here so no need to repeat myself as I'll be doing the same again this time. Not only my son's education to safeguard this time, but also my job!

Yes dear reader. I stopped Stigmum as she wasn't serving me anymore and up popped opportunities. I'm now working for a publishing company (of sorts) and flip, what can I say, dreams come true (shall come back in edit if I can and link you back to something I wrote in the 'work' label!) I love my job, the pay is shite but how does one measure wealth ey?

 My resolution for 2013? To become more spiritual. I am quite spiritual already. It helps with all that mental health stuff, and does beat some of that dark dark depressing stuff.

 I wish you all the best. Really, all the very best. Wins on lotteries, hugs and cups of teas and all sorts for 2013.

 13: lucky for some someone once said to me and it's true. Lucky for me and you.

 I'll let you know if we win. No no no! I'll let you know WHEN we win.


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