Monday, 5 December 2011

We need to look out for and teach our children

A friend posted this on facebook this morning. It's young Jonah Mowry reaching out. It is heartbreaking.

Yesterday I read a heartbreaking story so relevant to this one. That of 15 year old Dominic Crouch who was driven to suicide following playground taunts that he was gay, a homo.

They've started calling each other gay in my son's class. These young boys don't understand the implication or what it means and I've told my son when he's been called so to laugh it off saying there's nothing wrong with being gay, gay means happy, or his favourite, what you say is what you are.

Above all, I have told my son never to tease someone else in this way, not even for a laugh. He's talked about sexism and racism recently and I've told him this is discriminatory aswell.

As the comment in the Observer says: "School children endure stress and misery as homophobic abuse and name-calling go unnoticed or unpunished. As casual racism and sexism have become increasingly unacceptable, homophobic name calling is passing into everyday use."

Bullying of any nature is awful for the child.

It is our role, along with their schools, to teach them about tolerance, acceptance, and, like the Observer says tackle the 'real issue about respect and identity.

The landscape for our children isn't a bright one at the moment. They're leaving school to either get indebted with university fees or chase jobs that aren't there.

If they have very low self value and very low self worth too they will find living intolerably hard.

Jonah, thank you for having the courage to post your pain and having the courage not to be defeated by any of it. I wish you the very very best for your future.


Frankie P said...

that is so bloody heartbreaking, i wonder if his parents know what he is goung thru??

It would break my heart if this was one of my boys. As a race, us humans can be pretty cruel to each other... xx

Stigmum said...

Yes, indeed heartbreaking. I wanted to post a true story my son wrote about a boy he met at the weekend, with no-one seeming to look after him so in the end his dad phoned the police to alert social services but he's handed in his homework, so I'll post it later.
I pray daily that it's never my son because you are right, we humans can be so cruel to one another and it's up to us to teach our children not to be though I know that's pretty impossible for some. Adults need teaching too as a result....
Maybe young Jonah has gone some way to help that happen.
Thanks for your comment xxx