Thursday, 30 April 2009


While trying to write an article about my fury that Camden Council has earmarked 500 council properties for rental by fat cats in the private sector, which are not the same 500 properties they have earmarked for sale by auction,
I've emailed a letter to the 'needs and access director' begging her to consider my bid for a property in Kentish Town.

Under the specifications for the flat it says that candidates who have children under 5 living above the 2nd floor and those with overcrowding points will be prioritised.

I have a six year old on the 6th floor who has outgrown his buggy but still gets carried around on a baby seat on the back of my bicycle.
I'm not eligible for overcrowding points because I am 'homeless'

I also told her I still hadn't received a reply to the letter I sent to the Chief back in March......
And that a few weeks ago a family (?) got housed with fewer points than me despite only being on the waiting list for two years.....

You want to give up hope down here and dare to dream but you just can't because your children need you.

oh perhaps I should just stick my head between my legs and kiss my arse goodbye (Fascinating Aida)

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