Monday, 20 April 2009

Playing or Fighting?

In Barcelona it was inevitable that Luke and I would talk about Shit School. We talked quite alot about it. He hated it but for different reasons to me. At the end of my stay he said:
"It was a prison but I learnt to play the system, I became house captain, was captain of the 1st 11 cricket team. Those teachers, they were prisoners too and they are still there. We aren't.
"You. You did what you're doing now. You fought the system, just like you're fighting the system now. You'll get out."
"At what cost though Luke?"

That's the thing with this battle of mine. I'll "win" it in the end. I'll get housed in the end, whenever that "end" may be. But what's the prize? Some flat in some crime ridden shit estate? It's why I'm writing the blog though, so that you know just a bit of what so many people go through.

I'm also wondering if I should leave London. I don't want to, I shouldn't have to but I guess I'm just scared
For my son.

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