Tuesday, 24 February 2009

We build, we sell.....

Yesterday, February 23rd, at least five Camden council properties went up for public auction. Somebody on the 17000 strong council flat waiting list would have happily moved into 87a Iverson Road but instead it falls into private developers hands.

According to the Camden New Journal, Frank Dobson Labour MP is also furious at the "ludicrous" recent sale of a block of flats in Holborn which, said the Journal, went for £350, 000 - "next to nothing"(29th Jan). Camden is a libdem/conservative borough now and these chiefs are making the decisions. Scary huh.

But! Good news! On January 30th, Times Online, which daily plops into my inbox, informed me that the government has pledged to build more social houses. Ooh.

So I have a question or two for you Gordy Brown.
Why are you pledging to build new homes while saying nothing of the existing ones being auctioned off?
Why don't you do both? Build new social houses and refurbish existing ones?
Are you really going to build more Gordy? I do hope so. In Camden too?

On Question Time last week Sarah Teather, shadow housing minister of the Lib Dems, said there are 1.7 million families in the UK waiting for a council flat (how many individuals? How many all told?)

1.7 million families waiting for a stable and affordable home. My son and I are one of them. I don't understand. Build with one hand, sell with the other? Please explain someone, please explain. I may have to ask someone but given how I find housing so depressing, you may just have to wait for an answer from me.

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