Sunday, 21 August 2011

"I feel safe with you mummy"

I could not, COULD NOT, post what my son said to me the night before we were flying out on our first backpacking adventure.

What if I couldn't keep him safe? What if I lost him? In a crowd? On the beach? Something worse.. Ben Needham, Madeleine McCann, other children gone...Every parents worst nightmare.

My son had said he felt safe with me in relation to a conversation we were having about his dad. He doesn't feel he can be as open with him as he can with me. Oh my baby, yes you can be, I told him. "I feel safe with you mummy."

Well we're back! I'm figuring out how best to post our adventure for you this Sunday afternoon so may leave it until tomorrow!

My son, the lucky boy, has gone on his annual Ireland trip with his dad and I'm missing him (though enjoyed my night out with my friend Kelly yesterday and the bbq at her friend's house!)

What I will say though is that Portugal is a children's playground! It's a fantastic country, the people are brilliant, the food is delicious and I could have just kept on going, kept on moving, kept exploring, kept experiencing the delights of this old country with my beautiful eight year old travelling companion!!

Alas, no time and no cash even if there had been time. Portugal's not as cheap as I thought it might be but then again, it's a very long time since I donned my backpack - but oh how I still love it!! My son said it was "awesome" so maybe I succeeded in passing on the joy of the journey!

I want to take him back!

Soon I hope soon (ey Camelot?!)


Frankie P said...

Welcome back,glad to hear that it went well. still think it was very brave of you to do it.. Looking forwarded to hearing about it...

Stigmum said...

Thanks! Yes I did take a risk or two which may be a bit silly with a child, but thankfully it all paid off!!