Thursday, 25 August 2011

Rivers of London - a review

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch (Free gift from the author who used to be a neighbour)
Title in America is Midnight Riots

This book starts with a decapitated body and the only witness to the murder is a ghost.
Peter Grant, a Detective Constable with the Metropolitan Police is taken on as an apprentice to a wizard to try to solve the case.

I enjoyed this book, more and more so as I read through it as we meet Mother Thames and Father Thames and vampires and spirits and a very cynical Met Police.

The book ends with a riot. The middle class audience of the Royal Opera take to the streets fighting and starting fires.

It was very funny reading it for at the same time, riots were starting all over London. Were the Tottenham rioters taken over by a revenant spirit? Were all the others country wide?

Joking aside, I left while the rioting was going on. I didn't ever condone it but I do understand it.
I would not be surprised if there's more to come. Well, that's what I told Portuguese people who asked me about it anyway.

I recommend this book; it's not usually my type of thing but it may surprise you like it did me!

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