Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Portuguese nibbles!

My son and I ended up sharing our meals on holiday.

You can ask half portions for kids and pay half but two meals a day started weighing on my purse. A regular portion is HUGE so I told my son to open his mind.

Quickly then
The custard tarts in Belem. Oh yes!! You'll queue outside the patisserie but not for long. Here's something I discovered in Portugal. At patisseries, if you go to sit inside, you DO NOT PAY EXTRA for your pastry! How civilised is that!! So don't queue at Belem, go in and take a seat!!

I can't remember the name of the place in Alfama, Lisbon. But I wanted to go back to the area because some seemed great.

In Nazare Tasquina - a budget place in the lonely planet but was full full to people queuing outside full the night I turned up with my son. We went then to Conchina, in the lonely planet too. Had a kind of boillabaise, fish stew. Really delicious

Coimbra we went to Jardim da Manga (in the lonely planet). Had a bachalau (salted cod). I was given a free brandy and my son a free lollipop when we left!!

Democratica in Coimbra. Oh yes!!! "Your mother is punishing you," said the waiter to my son as he took my order for fried sardines. My son devoured the rice though, loved it.
We went back the next day for our last lunch and had the pork and clams he'd recommended the night before. Wow!!! "What is this sauce?" I said. "Special recipe!" he replied.
Divine puddings both days and washed down with beer and pop (I wanted to get my son on beer because it was cheaper than his cokes and trinas and whatever)
We paid 12 euros for our meal (with coffee! 60p!!!!!!!) the first night and he discounted us lunch the next day and we paid 10. It's off Rua de Sofia, near the Fado place and close to the centre of town.

Right, there is more, like the pastries to try in Sintra - I'd have to find the receipt, I never jotted it down..

but anyway, the food in Portugal won't disappoint...

Feeling hungry now....hmmm... cheese on toast?


Frankie P said...

some how cheese on toast isn't going to cut it, is it?? Custard tart sounds fab, love custard...

Stigmum said...

Compared to what I've been writing about, thinking about, no way!!! The custard tarts, oh oh oh!!! One of the first things you must eat when you get to Lisbon. Warm with cinammon on top!! Yummmmmmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

If you want the recipe for the pork and clams recipe and the desserts let me know!! ;-)

Stigmum said...

Oh yes please!! Does your recipe include the potatoes in it too? The dessert he made was kind of biscuit and mouse and chocolate and oh my goodness so divine I wish I'd ordered one each instead of sharing!!

Anonymous said...

The recipe that I know does include potatoes. Here's a good link for a colection of recipes that are good:

Chorizo, clams and potatoes:

Custards Tarts aka Natas (their name in Portuguese)

Tell me more about the dessert with mousse, chocolate and you remember the name at all?? It would be helpful since I'm trying to rack my brains what might be the recipe.

Stigmum said...

I don't know the name of the pudding, he just said that he made it myself, so it might be a 'special' from that restaurant. I promised though I'd send him a photo of me and my son so I'll ask him in the email!!
Thanks for all those links!