Thursday, 25 August 2011

Pub job in jeopardy?

Oops. I think I may have been fired.

I texted the landlady this morning to ask if she wanted me in and she said, no, it's ok, but to pop in when I could. I asked when would be a good time but got no answer. So an hour ago I popped in and she wasn't there.

She will be there at 1.30 said the barman, but maybe not for long because she has to go out.

Me, like the dumbwit I am, have to wait for Argos to deliver my desk and chair. Infact, it's me being a dumbwit which alerted me to the fact I may be fired.

After having ordered my Argos goods to be delivered today, Thursday, I realised as a light went on, that I'd be working that day. No matter, hopefully the delivery men will call....

Yesterday, another light went on and sounded an alarm. I was supposed to be in work last Thursday but instead was on a flight home.

When I leave London behind, I truly leave London behind...What I'm saying is that it didn't even cross my mind that I should be at work or I'd've gone round to apologise the following day.

I may quickly cycle over at half one (the rain has stopped, the sun's come out!) and agree it's not working. My son's back next week, last week of the holidays....

(I also have to declare £1 if she increases my hours by 30 minutes as my wages pop over the £20 allowance by that much. "A pound means nothing to me.")

I am hoping by closing this door another shall open, sparkling gold, allowing me to earn a decent salary while allowing me to be there for my child.

If I work out how to do it I'll tell you because thousands of mothers can do it and I want to do the same.

I shall thank the pub landlady for the opportunity. She's a nice woman.


Frankie P said...

oh no, did you see her in the end.. what happened?

Stigmum said...

No, I said I'd leave it with her after my second visit where apparently I just missed her and have heard nothing so I'll leave it. It's still the holidays next week and I'll have my boy with me. A bit gutting to lose it but means I have to start focussing on something else. I was never going to get the hours I needed there anyway to keep the job centre off my back so I guess I should be more philosophical and think that another door will open (and hopefully a window too!)