Sunday, 7 August 2011

I'm taking my boy backpacking...

I must be out of my mind (because it's the night before....)
Taking my son backpacking for the first time ever.
Oh I just wanted to go...
go go go.....
So smashed the Teramundi pot, took the takings

Tell you what.. you can't get a holiday on it.. I mean a butlins or package to somewhere cheap. I've been horrified looking at the prices
So luckily I like backpacking...

That's not cheap either
Wish I'd planned it.
Planned nought...

The flights, at £179 a seat, have guzzled half the budget.. HALF my budget. To think, you can get there for £75 out of season, or if you book early.. apparently.. I wouldn't know.. not looked at flights for a hol with my boy for erm... erm... eight years. That's right, never.

I wanted us to go for 2 weeks, was beginning to have panic attacks over accommodation cost worries, then the airline couldn't do my dates.

So it's one week. One week....One minute I'm super excited!! Take my boy to Roman ruins, just travel on buses see where we end up. Eat local food.

Earlier I tried calling a budget hotel. I can't speak the language, not a word but got that 'setente' meant 70 for two nights and had to put the phone down.

So I've lied. I know. Already. I've said I'm one person for a hostel bed when we land on Tuesday. That's 16 euros so not cheap my friends. I plan on introducing the kid and asking if we can sleep top and tail for no extra cost. Faz favor. Faz faz faz faz faz favor. I might have been able to get a private room somewhere else for 22. My son wanted this place though. I'll let you know how we get on.

Where are we going?


Never been!

Never been alone, never been with a child.

Never been alone, never been with a child, have never been anywhere during High Season.

We're heading northwards, where ever we can find a cheap bed we can share (fortunately you can do that with an 8 year old though it might be the cut off point...I can't see myself head to toeing it when he's a teen..Hopefully I'll be rich then and we can both have our own bed.)

We're travelling on buses and I've seen already there are places I'd love to take him.. like to see Dinosaur footprints... but with no car we'll have to make choices so it'll probably be a cave instead. I hope it all works out, it could be really awesome if it does. I can't take the risks I've taken in the past though. Not in a country I don't know and haven't heard good things about (Madeleine I'm so sorry you are still not found)

Anyway a long post. The holiday so far has been lovely because the weather has been lovely and my boy has been lovely.
I have a job centre interview tomorrow (where I won't say I'm going backpacking in Portugal nor that it's thanks to four years of collecting £2 coins..)

I worked out I couldn't live in London on it for a fortnight. My rent takes it all. I wouldn't be able to eat out on it. Huge amounts are actually nothing these days are they?

I feel really lucky that I'm taking my son on this journey.

I hope to come back and tell you it went really well so that you may choose to go there too if you want!

Ate logo!
(That's 'see you later' in local lingo!)


Frankie P said...

what a brilliant idea, backpacking is a great way to see a country. I would not be brave enough to do it myself... My OH parents spend their retirement backpacking around the world staying at youth hostels and the stuff they saw off the beaten track is amazing...

Look forward to hearing about it when you are back... Good luck at the job centre xx

Frankie P said...

Opps, forgot to add, welcome back good to hear the holidays have been good..

Stigmum said...

Ah thanks lovely mamma!! Heart beating fast at the moment as have to spend the night at the airport cos a taxi at 4am is way way to high!! Won't sleep a wink!
Job centre went ok. No time to post about it. Thought, thank goodness this is the holiday before the holidays end. Not that being on income support is a holiday, but job seekers, awful, don't want to go there at all. Don't want to think about it either so glad the adventure I'm on is central in my mind at the moment (if somewhat terrifying too!)
When I'm back, no son. Off he goes with his dad who picked a text fight with me on Friday...Told him to come see our boy this afternoon but didn't show.
So yeah, I'll enjoy this time with my boy and ride the memories when I'm back. Backpacking they're really etched into you cos it's not easy, but the rewards can be absolutely amazing. People mostly have been central to all my tales. Do it with your hubby and boys, go on! Start with England, a nice remote hostel in the lake district! Take a coach up there!
Best pack... not done yet! Been trying to tidy up.
The boy came out of bed to say he was frightened. I said twas natural and I wouldn't be taking him if it was something to be frightened of... heh heh heh. I don't feel brave but you and the bank teller this afternoon, a mum, have said I am so thank you!!
Hope you're having a lovely holiday! I'll come read you when I'm back! Take care xxx