Friday, 26 August 2011

Sex and Stravinsky - Review

Sex and Stravinsky by Barbara Trapido (Birthday present from my friend Em!)

Two families - over in England live the supersonic Aussie wonder woman Caroline (except in the eyes of her awful mother), her husband Josh and their daughter Zoe who's really into Ballet but isn't given the chance until she goes on a French exchange.
Over in South Africa there's Hattie, her husband Herman, and their daughter Cat, a daddy's girl who can see no right whatsoever with her mother, who writes ballet books up in a fairytale turret.
Everything is as it seems then nothing is at is seems as Caroline's mother dies and every one's lives converge as a result.

This is a great story, witty and vibrant too. Trapido writes her chapters with the narrative voice of her characters so it's almost like a dance, as you change partners in a waltz. Perceptions changing, stories coming to light like a prism turned, determining fate and fortune within the story's global backdrops.

The music still plays once you finish the book but that's for you to find out why and how.

Thank you Em, I really loved this!

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