Thursday, 9 February 2012

Feels rushed, leaving

We're not packing to move house this time
I don't want to leave
Half term though (already!)
a good time to go

I didn't give myself time
after the breakdown
As soon as I felt strong, well
back to blogging!!

This began as a casestudy
It began as dumping ground
A casestudy about a statutorily homeless mother on benefits
A dumping ground for me so I didn't dump on my friends

My sixteen year old self is awake though
Doesn't want me to be writing this stuff
I have to listen to her

This blog is actually a love story
It's one person supporting another
It's what you have to do
I have to make a break



Frankie P said...

Good luck with making yourself stronger. i will still be here when you get back x

PS... fingers crossed that all goes well with your scan

Stigmum said...

You are so beautiful, though I've never 'seen' you!! I'll let you know where I go, still waiting for the scan so me hoping it goes well too.
Take good care lovely mamma xxx

Frankie P said...

I popped by this morning and noticed your comment. Thank you, i have been feeling so blergh lately that it made my day, brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.....

I hope you do come back to blogging in some matter, above all you are a talented writer and you shouldn't stop writing...

in the meantime if you want to stay in touch i am on Facebook aka joanne stoddart, you will recognised the photo.. i will leave it up to you.. i don't do much on it just the odd photo or sarcastic remark about something...

take care x