Saturday, 4 February 2012

A first for my one night stand?

"Do you have a child?"
"I didn't know you were a mother."
"No?" There are pictures of my son all over the wall.
"Do you have a girl?"
"No, a boy."
"How old?"
"Nine, wow, nine, that's a big child! He looks like a girl!"
"Yeah, well," I say, half asleep, "young people can look quite androgenous."
"Does he still have long hair?"
"Fairly," I look at the pictures which are a couple of years old. "He's beautiful."
"Yes he is."
"Have you been with a mother before?"
"You haven't?!"
"Well, yeah, maybe, I don't think so."
"Is it different?"
"No, only the context."

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