Monday, 12 September 2011

A bird in hand....

A bird in hand may turn out to be a Golden Eagle.

I read that somewhere this weekend. I don't know where, sorry!

I thought the dream job was a bird in hand, but this morning I'm not sure.

If it's not, it is a lesson learnt already, that what I want is out there, and it's spurring me to look at money making schemes, or to find out more about writing on the web (ha ha! What am I doing here!! Oh the mirth!!)

Must thank Frankie P, Marjolein and Anon for their comments during this very bumpy moment!

New boss is off tomorrow and I've not been given a brief yet....

Am I on?

I shall leave writing about work until such time as I register self employed.

I'm feeling very que sera sera
Or feeling that I should feel que sera sera
One should always feel que sera sera
and be


Frankie P said...

Good luck and stay positive, remember if it all goes tits up you can put it down to a learning experience...

Stigmum said...

Thanks, yes, lessons all the way at the moment!!