Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Putting thoughts in emails

Hi [Support Worker],
I got your letter. Indeed a long time!
I'd like to meet you but I can't next Monday as I have to take [my son] swimming. Because we're much further away from the pool now I take him straight from school by bus.
For some reason I thought the meeting was last Monday and I waited for you! Alternate Mondays [my son's] dad is supposed to take him and pick him up from the flat but he didn't show. Not the first time so I've said he can't take him anymore. He's blasting me with texts and emails that I do not read because I've had enough.

You say my case is going to be closed. I don't understand.
You are part of the homeless household support service aren't you?
I'm still a homeless household aren't I?

If I am managing [Support Worker] it's because I do not bid. A few weeks ago a friend got a council flat [down the road] and I fell into that now familiar abyss where I didn't want to be alive anymore. She had way more points than me and a child who hasn't started school yet. If that was me, I wouldn't have to worry about my son's education anymore. People are already asking me where he'll go for secondary and how can I know? My lease runs out the year I have to go to open days. I'm hoping for [the local boys school] or [the local mixed school] because that's what I want for him. He's doing so well at school. Enough turbulence. Like I said, I manage if I don't think about these things. I drown if I do. I CANNOT BID. When in "desperate need" I didn't get a place so I'm hardly going to get one now.

So yes, I'd like to see you. Is there a day other than Monday you can do? Or earlier in the day that Monday? I have to go to the job centre on Friday to be moved over to job seekers. A barrel of laughs I think not. I've just lost a pub job I had. At £6 an hour though, it was never going to pay the rent.

I hope you're well and look forward to seeing you

Sue de Nim

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