Friday, 9 September 2011

Dream jobs

Dear Universe (late at night)
I want a job. I really want a job that lets me work at home to be there for the boy. I want a challenge as well though. Do I want a challenge? No I want an easy life! Do I want an easy life? No, a challenge, none of that data input lark I can do with my eyes closed or shelf stacking with my soul switched off.

Alright love, you've got it.


Interview on Wednesday.

The job is editorial on a start-up website
Liaising with web designers to manage the look, feel and content of the page
Writing and updating articles
Recruiting staff
All kinds of stuff!!

A challenge!!
I can work from home!! I can only work from home!!
I can manage my time so I can still take my son swimming and to kungfu and watch the odd class assembly!!
It's progression from what I did before! What I did before baby and life went tits up!

Sounds too good to be true?


It's unpaid, commission only, none expected in the first three months and after that only on my performance. Feck!

I told him I'd let him know this afternoon.

If I take it I won't be able to blog as much.
I will blog, just not often.
Because if I take it....shite!!
What do I do????????
I can't just stare at my computer!!!!!

I guess I call him this afternoon

Eeek Eeeeek

This is a big risk, this is a huge risk
but do I
have anything
to lose?
do I
go for


Frankie P said...

Hey that sounds good, apart from the unpaid bit. You never know it may take you on to something better... Better to say "i did it" then "What if"...

Marjolein said...

go for it, it's a first step towards well paid online-journalism jobs.
if you like the work and want to do more of this, then this job is a way to start building up a portfolio.
how much time will it cost you to do? any chance you can get other similar (freelance)jobs?
how are they funding the website? will they pay themselves? will additional staff be paid (staff you'll be hiring?)if so, then you should get money as well.

Stigmum said...

Thanks ladies!!!!
Got a text and he's off to France on Tuesday! Talk about in at the deep end!!
It'll cost me as much time as I'm willing to give it. So far don't know. I hope it doesn't cost me anything more. Nor do I know about funding. I think it's his own savings.
Risky for him too but I do believe that if the job had a salary attached to it, I wouldn't get it. Someone leaving a journo job now would. At least this way, in the future, I might have a chance.
We shall see!!!
And definitely, if I were blogging Monday, with 'what if' on my mind, I'd know I'd made the wrong choice.
We're taking a chance with each other. I hope it succeeds...
(it will!it will!)!

Frankie P said...

The optimist in me is saying it will succeed and if it doesn't then its something new to put on the cv.. that's the pessimist!!

Just think most of the influential people in this world took risks...

Thanks for your comments, you should try the 100 Word Challenge, with your talent you will blow the other entries away... x

PS... Oh to be a writer.... xx

Anonymous said...

I'd go for it if it I were you. I totally agree with Frankie P and Marjolein. Good point about it being useful as a portfolio..and it will help getting up to date with the latest skills...and means when the funding does come into the coming you're there already.

Marjolein said...

there are SO much badly written websites, if you have experience writing for a website and with CMS, you can try to contact contentmanagers for such websites and offer your superior writing skills....
In journalism (in Holland anyway, but I think also in the UK), there's only still real money to be made in writing for the web. Good Luck!
BTW If there were a salary attached to it, you SHould get it, you're doing the work!

Anonymous said...

Oh...I had a thought. Majolein is right about saying that you can get paid good money in writing for the web...but the area that requires good quality writing is the esssays that are written for SEO exercises that all websites have to undergo.

Stigmum said...

Thanks guys!!
Marjolein, what's CMS?
Frankie P, you are so good at that word challenge I cannot compete! I do want to see your tales published though in a little book I can hold between my fingers!!
Thanks again for your comments guys. I'm feeling erm, somewhat overwhelmed this morning!

Marjolein said...

content management system, google it, you might find some online courses or instruction-sites