Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Sending thoughts to who knows who?

September 7th
To the Defend Council Housing folk, in reponse to their email:

What can I do to help with your campaign? I've given up on mine because it's so flipping hard. Joining with you guys might help me take up my arms again. Here's the link to a letter the CNJ published last year... I didn't get a council flat and was told I would never get one.

I want to go to the Housing Emergency Meeting next Tuesday and am trying to find someone who can pick up my son from his Kung Fu lesson so I can go. I wrote to Boris Johnson asking him to meet me. I wrote to Nick Clegg and I shake my head at the response from that camp. I met Clegg before the election. He may have forgotten but I haven't. I've met the Reverend a couple of times and have attended quite a few of the daytime emergency meetings in the past.

(Ken Livingstone will be at the meeting and Simon Hughes Libdem MP)

I want to give up to be honest with you. Not think about housing anymore because it depresses the f out of me but it would be wrong to give up because thousands, millions of people are in a situation very similar to mine.
Well you know that; you defend people's rights to council housing. You are defending council housing.

Please get back to me. Like I said, I'd like to help.

Kind regards
Sue de Nim

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