Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Joining a housing campaign

Wouldn't you know, yesterday after posting that I was abandoning my cause, I got an email from Defend Council Housing asking if people could join their campaign.

I've been tidying up my house today, in preparation for a fantastic job.

I shall email them back tomorrow.

I like coincidences, they are always full of promise.

A pity there's no payment for I'm not looking foward to signing on every two weeks.

With any luck I won't have to!

Something will come up and come up soon!


Anonymous said...

Something will come up..since as a friend of mine says all the time (she's applying for I don't know how many jobs) that as one door closes that another opens. I think that she might be right but its not easy to hear this.

Stigmum said...

Thanks! I would love that adage to come true for me so I can write about it and say that it's true! You just have to believe! So I am going to believe! Nothing to lose have I? Has your friend? Tell her I wish her luck!!