Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Putting thoughts out of one's mind

I got a phone call late yesterday afternoon.
"How did you get my number?" I asked the man
"It was on your CV which you sent me."
"Oh yes! It's the wrong address though! I moved, I don't live there anymore! Told you it was an old one...."

I have an interview this afternoon.

"What's it for?" asked Gardening Mum at the school gates.
"I don't know!" I giggled.
"Well you better find out then," she said, with no exclamation mark because she sounded quite serious.
I stopped giggling, she may have a point.

I shall ask him. I know it's something about a website.

I blog at a later date, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps Friday, what I wanted to post about the pub job.

I met this man in the pub!

I can't tell him I've been fired can I? Or shall I? You know, be honest...

Do I mention my insecure, expensive housing situation and any money he pays me will make me worse off financially?


I must empty my mind. Empty it, empty, shake out all that stuff.

I need to close my eyes and make a dash for the other side of the river.

If I fall in, I fall in

best not think about that either.

Eeek! It is quite exciting!!


Frankie P said...

Exciting is right.

How did the interview go, anything good to come out of it?

Personally i wouldn't tell the "man in the pub" anything just yet.. see how it goes..


Stigmum said...

I hope good comes out of it!
My friend Jo said the same as you, that I didn't have to tell him my whole life story, and pubwise, luckily, he never asked, just assumed I'd left!

Anonymous said...

Well, its to hear that you didn't have to say why/how you left the job at the pub.