Thursday, 14 May 2009

Infantisiling children

In March I sent a letter to the Council Chief and got a reply from 'needs and access director' yesterday.
I asked why the council insisted that I allow my son to share my bed or alternatively keep moving him from one accommodation to another.
"With reference to your son sharing your bed at your temporary accommodation, this is obviously not a long term solution (five years and counting!) and we would be happy to provide you with alternative temporary accommodation." (Happy that you keep bouncing him around disrupting his education in other words)

I hug my son all the time. My son hugs me. After breakfast and before bedtime he'll clamber on to me. Hug hug hug. Hug hug hug hug hug.
I hope he'll hug me when he's 60, I hope he will when he's 16. He's six and won't do it in public. An astute child.

A couple of years ago I read a newspaper feature by a male psychologist about how mothers who love their children 'too much' are damaging them.
Chuck me in jail, go on. Give my son "a break"
All those hostel mammas, chuck them in jail. Oh, that's where they are....

I'm pleased the Times printed the injustice on Sunday. I want to find that mother's youtube video....

Courts and councils have to be accountable for what they do in some cases.
It's ironic Channel 4 are broadcasting "Forgotten Children" this week.
Will they find and broadcast her youtube video?

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