Friday, 1 May 2009

Speedy responses

Director of needs and access has emailed me back! I shouldn't be surprised but I'm still awaiting response from the letter I sent in March, by snail mail.

She said she had responded to my snail mail letter and attached it. However, this is the letter, sent in response to my enquiries in January, which prompted my March letter.
So I've attached my March letter in this response

She said she was pleased that I'd found a property to bid for and that she wished me every success. Given that yesterday I was already 68th on the list it needs a little more than wishing and hoping to meet with success.

She said she'd forwarded my email to my HHSS worker so I asked her to forward my email to the exceptions panel instead as HHSS workers won't do anything because they can't do anything.
I reiterated that my bike was a 'need' and although it's been years that I viewed a flat, that to turn one down on account of the bicycle is very painful.

"Flats are withdrawn and directly offered, people are housed with fewer points, there is a whole world behind what I see on the homeconnections site." You can help us, director of needs and access.....
I also said I was hoping for a miracle...
Well... miracles are happening for some people on that fecking list...
I'll keep ye posted

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