Monday, 18 May 2009

Millions of £££'s on botch jobs

Some factions of Camden could sympathise with the council selling off the council houses to make repairs on existing properties given the blackmail tactics from Whitehall.
Existing tenants, although against the moves, could be thinking 'At last! My collapsing kitchen is going to be replaced!"
According to the CNJ though, contractors are leaving properties half finished for weeks, toilets in bathrooms fitted so high that it's the adults who sit there dangling their feet.
It's good to know isn't it? Gullible folk like me might believe the rhetoric, like Councillor Nail'er's comment: "We must have homes which can be kept warm and clean, where our elderly and our families can live positive lives."
One pensioner quoted said they were damaging people's homes. You damage a home, you damage a positive life. You auction off homes people could live in you damage even more.
A bunch of flats were auctioned off last Thursday. I should have gone along to bid. We could live in those flats knowing that while we wait for repairs, so are those in whose name all these flats are being sold. Where's the money going really?

On another tack, I did send a letter to the CNJ on Friday. Nail'er hacked me off. He said that he was "proud that Camden has just achieved the biggest fall in homelessness of any London Council." It's bollocks of course, the homeless are merely being placed in private rented accommodation and must continue to bid for security.
Given my letter contained the word "I" there was not nearly enough seething anger, not nearly enough fury, not nearly enough passion behind what I wanted to say.
I could've, should've left it and retweaked it this morning but thought "send it now or you never will!"

Note to self: Write all you want when you're hungover dear. Just don't press 'send'

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