Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Swine Flu

OK, I admit that I'm enjoying the jokes. You know the sort, take your oinkment or you'll come out in a rasher.

This is so I do not panic. Sister in law is deputy head of the School That Kicked Me Out, a girl's boarding school. A Mexican student returned after the Easter holiday and was monitored for a week. I asked sister in law what would have happened had she contracted the illness. She replied that the girl would have been placed in isolation and the rest of the school administered Tamiflu.

Now 70% of the population will not get Tamiflu should there be a pandemic. I don't imagine that should a child get swine flu in my son's community school, the drug will be administered to all 400 plus pupils; there are so many such schools in the borough. Does this mean that the rich will survive and the poor will die? Pearl before swine the saying goes.....

Just an observation

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