Thursday, 3 November 2011

Criminatlisation of needing shelter

On Tuesday night an amendment was passed criminalising squatting. Wow, they push through these things fast when they want to ey.

I want you to watch this footage (link is also at the bottom of this page) of the demonstration on Tuesday evening. Just take the time. It's not easy viewing but it is how it is. I'm very frightened that on the 15th when I go to protest against the future of our children's housing I will be made to feel like a criminal too, and I may be kettled and this time, I am bringing my son with me.

I'm just really sorry that our media; the bbc, Sky, don't want you to see this and so the only way we can try to understand the society we live in is by reading publications like the Guardian. They are the only bloody ones.

Politicians have pushed this through because they all have 1,2,3.4,7 houses. Many are underoccupied, others may be empty.

Empty empty, so many empty properties. In some parts of the UK, streets full of empty properties. So many people that can't afford to rent a room. So many people who will be evicted and rendered homeless between now and Christmas as they continue to enforce the benefit cuts.

I don't know how you feel about squatting. You may be a property owner, you may be a Daily Mail reader.

The truth is we have a very real catastrophe in our country right now and the crisis has just been made worse.

Another excellent article, from the Guardian once again, which explains all this so much more clearly than me.

The Emergency Housing protest is on Tuesday 15th November at 4pm outside partliament. There is no website I can put a link for you. I doubt there will be as many people that at the squatting demo but I hope so because the message is the same.

We need more housing. People need homes.

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