Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Say, what shall I wear to the Shit School reunion?

Before going to sleep the night before last, I asked the Universe, the angels to give me some idea of what to wear to the Shit School reunion should I go. It's always a bit of a nightmare isn't it, deciding?

I floated in my dream wearing my grey wool dress from M&S last whenever and my dark blue chunky boots. Then I appeared floating in my dream wearing the grey wool dress, a pair of black buckled court shoes and a red coat I would buy at Primark because I am overdrawn and I may find a cheap one there.

Cool! I'll go to Primark!

Hang on, what if the red coat actually symbolises something...

Don't Look Now...that formidable psycho thriller with Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland which haunted me for days afterwards. Am I that little girl in red?

The chest seizes...

Little Red Riding Hood! I am little Red Riding Hood entering the forest! I am not afraid of the wolf because I Run With The Wolves (Pinkola Estes)!!!!

Don't Look Now...

Ok, I'll get a maroon coat!


Ok a black one!

Whose funeral?

AAAARGH..Why can't I wear jeans??????



Go back to sleep

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