Sunday, 6 November 2011

I sometimes go to Church on Sundays

I didn't go today. Not to my local church nor the church which has a beautiful latin service and choir (of angels heh heh)

Woke up in time, looked at my clock, rolled over again.

Is that alright do you think?

Alright that I go to Church sometimes? When I fancy it, when I want to?

I don't think my local priest would think so. He's always telling us to come every week and be on time (I'm always late, bit disrespectful I know but...)

If I'm a now and then attender does that mean I shouldn't attend at all?

If you are a church goer, do you go because you want to or because you feel you have to?

God doesn't want you there

No, memory bank, no. Some priests, some believers of the Faith, don't want me there.

Does that mean I shouldn't go?

There is no peace between me and religion.

Should I force that?

Should you?

Should we?

Let it be

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