Thursday, 10 November 2011

Internal paralysis

Unable, unable, to do what the government requires of me.

The sheer hopelessness of bidding for a stable home
The sheer hopelessness of applying for jobs

I tell people not to give up
but I have

The man at the jobcentre said there aren't immediate sanctions if you don't fill in the notebook and you and I know, at the end of this road, even if you do fill in the form, if you don't find a job, there are only sanctions that await you.

Give up on your dreams
Give up

I don't know how to advise you if you feel like this.

You can sit down and listen to James or do what I've just done and make an appointment with your doctor.

Who knows if it'll help. You've given up haven't you. but with the little bit of hope that's in you, that little bit, that part of you which wants something better for itself, use it to make that call.

(Oh Stiggers, I used to be so funny)