Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Message for A Single Mother's Journal - Why block me?

To A Single Mother's Journal,

I'm reaching you from my blog because a while ago I noticed that although you follow mine, you have denied me access to yours.

Then two days ago, I lost a follower. It's always a shame but you know, not everyone is going to like what you write. That's how I see it anyway.

It made me wonder though, if it was you! When I saw it wasn't, I clicked on your blog and I got this:

Blogger: permission denied
This blog is open to invited readers only

It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.

Do you mind explaining? I know I used to comment on your blog. I comment on quite a few people's blogs. Did I offend you in any way? Why don't you just say, or delete my comment if you don't like it(like another blogger did who doesn't follow me, nor block me).

I wondered how to reach you because I was unable to contact you and figured writing to you through a post is the best way, seeing as you follow me.

Is there such thing as blogging etiquette? I thought there was, unspoken.

Maybe you could 'unfollow' me, Either 'unfollow' me or allow me access to your blog. You can't have it both ways.

Well you can actually. I figured I could block you back but there's no point. Mine is an open blog for anyone to enjoy or learn something from. You just have to google me and you're in. I leave it with you.

I have thought about posting something about you doing this on the mummybloggers site, see if this kind of thing is unusual and I might.

They might not respond to me, or comment on this. Years of blogging I've come to accept that. I'll do it next week though. Might put this post on twitter though (I do that with pretty much all my posts)

It's up to you but I hope you do the right thing. I also hope you're alright. You're a lot younger than me I think and it's very hard the life we lead bringing up our children on our own. I'm pleased my blog has helped you in some way because that has always been its intention.

Take care of yourself.

Sue de Nim


Jennysmith said...

Good one, Stig. Never quite understand those sort of "closed shop" blogs. Does seem a bit one-sided, I have to say xxxx

Stigmum said...

Bless you Jen. Yes, abit odd. "Closed shop" I do get a little, if it's really personal, but to block a person you follow?! Glad you think so too!

Anonymous said...

I think that people have closed blogs since they really don't want the world to read what they have to say/think ....only a group of supporters. My thought is that if you don't want to have a blog and say what you really think then don't have a blog!

Stigmum said...

Oh I totally get the closed blog thing. I highly recommend it actually for people with mental health issues. My surprise with this was that I used to follow and comment on her posts. If she didn't like it, why continue to follow me??
I'm flattered though, it means she finds something in it and if it helps her, then cool.