Tuesday, 8 November 2011

"We'd love to have you!" says Shit School

I'm shshshshshshshshaaaaaaking.

Watch my hhhhand tttttremmmble.

I phhonnned the ssschhhoool yyyyesssterrrday aaand itttt rrrung ouuttt.

My nnnumber's ccome upp, I tthought. Bbbllaack mmmark, nnnot wwwwelcccome.

Rrragh. Ddefffiant. I am going to that bbbbloody pppplace.

Called hhalf aan hhour aggo. Ssaid I'm cccoming onn tthhhe aaanswwer mmmacchiine aand ttthey cccalled mmme bback.

Bbbbreeeeaathhe. Brreeeeattthhe. Bbbreeeaathhe

I wwwwiill bbbloggg agggain tttooommmmorrowww

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