Sunday, 15 March 2009

The cost of access

Because Honey's father of child abandoned her and their son she very rarely has an opportunity to go out. With no family, she occasionally leaves the boy with his godfather. She's 23, all her peers are out enjoying themselves.
I envy that she never has to deal with missing her child, never has to argue over who gets Easter, Christmas, bank holidays. She never gets cross because her son is late back from his dad's. Again.
I don't envy that she can never go out with her girlfriends for a drink or to the cinema, even if staying in means she's saving money.
Last night I took a bus to The Albany to support the Reilly Peacocks. My friend is the bass player. I often miss their gigs.
Afterwards I took a bus to the Crown and Goose and met up with my mum mate Milly and her boss. They'd just knocked off work. At the end of the night Milly paid for the taxi she poured me into as I'd drunk all my cash. She wouldn't see me get the night bus.
Years ago I asked the Foca if he'd pay for access and he laughed liked I'd cracked a joke or something.
Foca's wife goes out sometimes leaving him to watch their two year old. Lucky her.
I care little if they rarely go out together but I mind that Milly and her husband can't.

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