Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Royal Mail

Friendly postie delivered the mail this morning. Two brown envelopes. Two responses from the council. At last! One from my local councillor with a letter inside from Camden's Quality and Review Officer. All repetitive shite I've heard before so I'll get back to local councillor. Very kind of him to be helping me.

The second was from the Acting Assistant Director (Needs and Access) writing on behalf of the housing chief to whom I addressed my own letter over a month ago. It contains lots of wasted words and I must sit down and think of a reply. For example, she says if I have a problem with the lift, I must contact my housing association. I'll do this, but you know as well as I do what the housing association will say: It's Camden's responsibility because the problem is with the block and the block belongs to Camden. There are other questions in there, relating to 'direct lets' that aren't answered. I ought to get to work.

Friendly postie did not deliver the parcel my mum sent me last Saturday containing my scarf, some treatment for chilblains I've been itching to get rid of, and my son's book, which I left at her house the last time I was there.

Friendly postie did deliver a postcard from Fletch. He got back from Guatemala last week so I've no longer any need to be jealous. In it he does write 'wish you were here'. Yes, me too but instead I'm here having to write again to a part of the the hand that operates the hand that feeds me and wants to continue feeding me forever. Woo hoo.

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