Wednesday, 4 March 2009

What I could do with my £100 voucher

What I could do with £100
Go down the pub and buy some rounds
Or down to Simpsons I could hike
Get essential repairs done on my bike

Buy a nintendo for my son
He's been begging me to get him one
He's been baying for the Arsenal kit
And it's his birthday in a bit

I could buy him trousers, jumpers, shirts
Shoes for me, tops, jeans and skirts
Lovely treats for my sagging skin
With expensive labels on the tin

We could take a train, go far away
Or leave that for another day
For £100 is not enough
to cover tickets, b&b's and stuff

My photos could go in a frame
With his pictures do the same
Pots and blenders for our kitchen
Storage for which my heart's been pitching

Get a haircut, something cool
Send my boy to martial art school
I could scale the mountain of nasty bills
Turn them into little hills

But oh my son, this is what I'll do
I'll buy some food for me and you
Organic chicken, Basmati rice
Pricey good things I know are nice

I don't know what the vouchers are for
But I'd so love to get some more

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