Sunday, 15 March 2009

Buggies on buses

Yesterday I sent a letter to the Camden New Journal.
My son had gone with his father a day later than usual and I wanted to blog something about the cost of access. I was thinking myself into a black hole.
Suddenly, I saw hanging from the mouth of the black dog who's been stalking me these past few weeks, a golden idea.
A few weeks ago in the CNJ, a woman wrote in blasting a mother who'd boarded a bus with her buggy and refused to fold it. The following week, the mother in question wrote in defending her actions and a flood of support came through castigating the buggy free complainer. This week a bus driver has had his say and throughout it all I've found it most entertaining.
Because the CNJ invited me and others to comment, I sat at my computer and thought: "Why not?"
This is what I wrote:

Oh you childfree buggy on a bus moaners, get a bicycle so you don't have to deal with it.
Mammas, have no fear, get a bike, stick your child on a seat behind yours and pedal away. My son loves it.
If you have several children, fret not, I saw a nutty blonde cycling up hill with her three in a trailer in front of her and often see an Asian mum who lugs her crew behind.
It's arduous work ladies, I'll give you that, but works wonders for your derriere.

I giggled as I wrote it. I like writing light stuff but it seems I can only do bleak on the blog.
Will the paper publish it? Who knows, with such things I subscribe to the School of Doris, que sera sera and all that and I did ask them to make up an address for me. We'll see ey?
Afterwards I went out and got right royally wrecked. Doris collaborated with Cindi. You know the one, Stigmums just wanna have fun.

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