Thursday, 5 March 2009

Thieving liars

When the lease agreement between Camden and Pathmeads expires next year I have been told that if I don't go on the private rental scheme, (PRS) I shall go in a hostel. If my landlady agrees, I can stay here under the council's PRS.

So, for arguments sake, let us assume I stay here. (The same applies though to everyone moving from "temporary homeless accommodation", into private accommodation. In February 2008 there were 1,453 homeless families. I don't know today, and that figure did not include individuals. The figures are all bollocks though, as you will see).

Overnight "the LBC (London borough of Camden) will discharge duty to provide [me] with temporary accommodation & invite [me] to make a new application." (PRS & Qualifying Off Procedure for Officers 2008) My points will be taken away and I will be suspended from bidding for six months. I can currently bid every week, now suddenly I can't.

Six months later, under the new PRS system, I will get "prevention points" which will replace my "homeless points". I will once again receive my "residence points". My "time waiting points" will be carried over. Points wise, I won't be better off, but I can resume "bidding".

I may lose my medical points as I will be considered "better off" (PRS & Qualifying Offer Procedure for Officers 2008). So my overall points may actually reduce, as they did when I was first made homeless by the private sector.

If I move into a neighbouring borough (which I know not to and don't want to now my son's school settled and my friends are nearby), my points will be "honoured for 12 months, but automatically removed afterwards". In other words, Camden can relinquish its responsibility to me, I'm another borough's problem. Yep, a year later, another borough's problem. You have to be in a borough for two years before they 'care' for you....

What this all means, in a nutshell, is that overnight I go from being a "homeless household" to being a "private household" but my life, my situation, has not changed, only council rhetoric.

It means the council can say it has hit its targets in reducing homelessness.

It means the government can tell the nation that it has "reduced homelessness".

It is a lie my friends. The goverment spends billions of pounds a year, keeping families and individuals in poverty, touting this lie.

Do you understand now why I don't want to go into private rented accommodation? It's insecure and I don't want to keep playing 'bouncy bouncy' with my son. It's expensive and keeps me on benefits, and it propagates the lies the council and the government insist on telling you.

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