Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Well done Dobbie

You've got to love Frank Dobson. In this week's Camden New Journal (5th March) he called the borough's housing policy "a cock-eyed lunatic policy."

Thank the air that we breath that there is someone within Government complaining on our behalves; puts into one sentence what at the very least, 18000 of us already know.

You do not hear our voices. You cannot. We are trapped behind an iron wall of grey, non-transparent policy which fails to take into account our needs and particularly the needs of our children.

We need security, we need affordable rent. He recognises and bellows that the cheapest, quickest, most affordable way of providing for social need is council housing.

He's not saying it to gain kudos. He knows that the system helped him out once and enabled him to be where he is now. He knows that auctioning off existing stock is not the answer to the growing crisis.

I for one thank you Mr Dobson.

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