Thursday, 21 July 2011

Behind the Murdoch masks...

On Tuesday, while Murdoch & Son were being grilled by the Select Committee, I went down to parliament to protest!

Later a Guardian journalist asked me why I'd come and I said: "I don't know!" because, well, I didn't!

My friend had called saying she was going down to Parliament, and although I had to be at a meeting somewhere else, I thought it would be quite cool to go with her and catch the vibe.

We got there and my friend goes: "There they are!" and I'm like: "Who?"

A good looking guy in a suit, another good looking guy not in a suit. A pile of t-shirts at their feet with another pile of masks with Murdoch senior's face on next to those.

"Ooh! I know them! They're the puppeteers!"

It was surreal I tell you, peering out of those masks at all the photographers, some of them coming up so close you thought they could see you through the card.

My heart was beating and I was feeling all flushed and sweaty (like Murdoch junior looked when I later caught the programme on my return home) as though I was doing something wrong, which I wasn't (which is more than Murdoch's junior can say given recent cheque sign offs to hide criminal corporate malpractice...)

That night I watched the news to see if I could see my murdochself but it seems our gathering was eclipsed by a man who'd managed to sneak into the committee room and throw a foam pie at Murdoch senior, and in pure, can't make it up theatricals, Murdoch senior's wife springing into action in kung-fu like fashion throwing the pie back into the protester's face!!!

I've been trying this morning to upload an image of the sea of murdoch faces of which I was one but I can't.

I don't know how other bloggers do it, I pressed the 'add image' icon, but nothing doing but anyway, hope you get the picture!!

Here's the url which isn't quite the same as having the image there but hey ho, just felt like sharing mine and stigs adventure!

Oh, and I did tell one journalist that I was leader of the I Don't Know party, which roughly translates as knowing why I was there but unable to articulate it, so don't quote me, unlike my friend who gave two really quite fabulous interviews about how there needs to be a change of culture in our media!

You gotta play to your strengths see, but nothing wrong in practicing your weaknesses...another time perhaps, another time!

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