Friday, 8 July 2011

The dead halt the hacking scandal

From Sunday the News of the World will exist no more.

Hard to believe, a newspaper almost 200 years old, gone. Taking with it 200 odd staff many of whom are innocent of the appalling practices of the few.

It wasn't enough to go after the voicemails of the living, unscrupulous "journalists" had to go after voicemails, emails, any mails of the dead. Milly Dowler; justice has just been served with the imprisonment of her murderer Bellfied, when it comes to light her phone was tapped into days after her disappearance, messages from her friends deleted. Unbelievable.

Families of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, families of service men who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, civilians who died in the 7/7 bombings. Unbelievable.

Murdoch has apparently asked his chief exec Rebekah Brooks, who edited the paper at the time of Milly Downer's phone being hacked, to lead the investigation into the News of World hacking scandal. Unbelievable.

Doesn't fire her, no. That would have been good decisive practice. Call to account all the guilty. Why would he do that? Why?

The BskyB bid doesn't need her. I'm sure she's briliant at her job but everyone's replaceable (aren't they?)

Perhaps she's a scapegoat.

The Tories (in bed with the Murdoch Team) were going to sign off the BskyB deal today in a £9bn deal but it's been delayed until September.

There's still time....

I'm sorry the News of the World has gone; for all its wrongs there were alot of rights. I'm sorry that a load of good journalists have lost their jobs.

Not so sorry I'll buy the Sun on Sunday though.

Unfuckingbelievable if that's true.

Does News International think the British are really that thick?

I'll leave that with you.


Frankie P said...

What is even more unbeleivable are the stories that MPs and other people were threatened if they keep pushing or investigating the hacking scandal.. Who the fuck did they think they were... Kingmakers??

Stigmum said...

The politician side of it doesn't surprise me at all. Can you imagine the Tories signed the bskyb deal? Murdoch would shine a light on them and shadows on the other...We see it with the press.
It's an incredible story...
I'm wrong about Brooks though, she's not a scapegoat but she can't stay though murdoch might re-employ her if the deal does goes through...
I still can't believe how easy it was to close a profitable paper...
It is I guess if you (current Kingmaker) can see the greater prize....