Thursday, 14 July 2011

Comment experiment results

This is funny (ha ha for me, not strange)

Yesterday I started a comment experiment after switching off the icon that allows me to 'moderate' them.

I wanted to see if I'd be alerted to their presence on my dashboard
I asked visitors if they were going to comment
I asked visitors if they prefered the immediacy of seeing their own comments pop up or didn't mind waiting.

I put the link up on twitter and to increase the pool of people who might help me with my experiment, put the hash tag#blogs because I've found people who write about blogging by clicking on that in the past and people who write about blogging might be willing to lend their experience.

I got visitors - not zillions but enough for a decent experiment AND....


So that's, no! You are not going to comment! So impossible for me to gauge if you like seeing them pop up straight away then return to see if I've answered it (I'll come to that in a minute!)

A Modern Mother was the only one to comment so I thank you! What matters to her is that it's easy to comment and I will second that as for the life of me I can't comment on notSupermum's blog. I've informed her in a tweet, said her blog doesn't like me!! Can't comment on MeTheManAndBaby either but I haven't informed her in a tweet. Yet. Might be a Disqus thing, Disqus doesn't like blogspotters, dunno.

I don't know whether to keep the moderator icon switched off.
When I log on my dashboard often displays nothing then sometimes I log on and it says "One comment to be moderated" and I'm like, ooooh! I get very excited.

It was not always so. I set up the moderator because I was terrified people would comment only to be nasty but that's never happened here (does it happen on your blog?)

I also like being alerted to comments because I like to answer them.

With this method of non moderation people with very popular blogs would not be able to answer them (all). With a method of moderation people with very popular blogs would be very busy moderating!

Would they notice though if I, say, commented on something they wrote a year ago? Would you notice?

I'm not sure I'd notice if you do that on mine (I've written over 1500 posts)
I'll leave it as it is for now. I'm leaving it as it is because I like commenting on other people's blogs and seeing that they've received it. Maybe you are the same.

Are you the same?

Do you like to see your comments pop up straight away or do you just enjoy commenting on posts that resonate with you and don't mind?

Feel free to comment!

Modern Mother was curious to see how the experiment goes!

I'll tweet the post, put a #blogs tag thing again, see what I get!!

If I do miss the buzz of seeing "One comment to be moderated" on my dashboard, I may have to go back to it.

Would anyone mind?!


Anonymous said...

I tend to comment on every blog I visit, and that's an awful lot, believe me! I much, much prefer to see my comment when I've posted it. I rarely go back to check my comment has appeared if it's moderated. I know that sounds a bit mean but I get through so many blogs in a day that I just don't have time. If you type a comment, you generally want to read it back and make sure you haven't made any errors (I think most writers do this) so if your comment gets eaten into the blogosphere world of moderation, it makes it impossible to know whether you've made a typo or if the comment you've left makes sense. And then there's all the Captcha and word verification things, they can be a bit off putting though I know many use them. Just my personal opinion.

CJ xx

Frankie P said...

Hey, i don't moderate but i do get email notifications when i get comments so i know when and what posts people have commented on.

Like you i like to answer comments so i always check my emails to see if i need to.

You can always delete a comment if ou do not like it so you don't need to worry about someone leaving something that is not nice...

Finally, i don't always leave comments on the blogs i read. I can't see the point if i have nothing really to say about it..

Thats me over and out....

Stigmum said...

Thanks for your comments!
CJ, totally understand where you are coming from and it's not mean not to return to what you've written to see if it's answered cos not all bloggers answer! I revist sometimes but not always, once I saw my comment had been deleted!!! Didn't take it up with blogger cos no point, shan't out her though!

Frankie P, I'm getting no notifications with this method, which makes it tempting to go back to old method because I did get emails when I moderated, but no more. Maybe I should try and investigate how I can be alerted with this way on the very off chance someone would comment on something old!