Wednesday, 6 July 2011

One post or three?

There are no rules to blogging - that's precisely why I love it so much!

I've been thinking though, especially this week while I've posted alot about housing - should I change the way I blog and only write one post a day? Or, one post at a time? What I write might have more resonance...

It must be joining twitter that's made me think like this.

When I wrote before I only "came out" to the community at mummybloggers and well, my blog wasn't very mummyish, so I was pretty much left to my own devices spilling my instincts all over my deep blue template. Writing my way into darkness and needing to write my way out of it, hence the three or four or sometimes five post days.

Today, I've written one post on bidding (dark) and one on valuing oneself as a mother (out of dark)

Inbetween, I went to Twitter.

If I did the whole one post at a time, I think my blog would become purely about housing, which is right perhaps, given what I have been through in the past and right if I want to get some kind of job in research; maybe, possibly, perhaps.

It would fit in if I wanted to define myself as a campaigner (ooh funny thing about living in an attic - I can see a blue sky outside my window but it is actually pissing down with rain! I can see it on the window pane and hear it from the bathroom skylight!)

Where was I? Yes, campaigner. Campaigning. Keep on one subject yes?

Well, no. Perhaps other humans live and breathe their campaigns, or let it be thought by others that they live and breathe their campaigns but I cannot do this. I know I can do it now by sourcing what I want to say, write something then go to twitter or facebook for a change of head space but I do not want to do this.

I do not want to do this because housing depresses me, and anything that depresses me is going to depress other people. I didn't mind about this before but I'm still always surprised that the people who follow me continue to follow me. And yeah, I like have having followers, most bloggers do I think (though it mightily scared me at first)

I'm too close to my statutorily homeless source, she brings me down alot. I don't want to be brought down. That's the bottom line. I think.

I also do not want to do this one post at a time lark because I think it's important to show that people are more than the campaigns they run so it's easier to keep how and what I post fluid.

Oh, d'you know what?

I Don't Know.

Do I make this a blog just about housing now?
Or mix it up abit?
Mix it up abit?

Before I go (to twitter? to lunch?) I just want to post this article. It relates to a post I wrote this morning saying people aren't prioritised for housing nor a piece of pavement these days.

This article says £20m is being given for a rough sleeping scheme. Great! Thing is, in Camden, the council is selling hostels. This week in the papers some parents lost a bid to make one of them into a free school. They're not happy.

The fund may be to get the homeless off the streets, but where will they be put?

One post? Three posts? Some things I can't help myself, we'll just have to see ey Stigs...

Good day reader, thanks for dropping by!


Frankie P said...

Hmm, choices.. Mix it up a bit, perhaps you will find that you will start blogging about good stuff more... Don't think you are ready yet to give up Stigs?

Stigmum said...

Either she won't let me go or I won't let her go. She's always mostly about housing, which is alright, but I want distance from it so I can forget I'm in temporary accommodation.. hard for me too though hence reliance on her! I feel I should decide one way or the other; it's been like that since I started again. To move on though means the end of the blog and the beginning of a new one but not in her name.
Not ready for that yet....!
Sufferin' Suffragettes as I like to say!!

Frankie P said...

Well you can only do it when you are ready and i am sure you wil know when that is.. i hope she doesn't take that great writing style with her... You could start another blog, jsut a little one to try things out on and see how you feel then..??

Stigmum said...

Might do! Depends if a job comes up first which'll take all my energy! (Shame no-one pays me a squillion just to sponsor this!! "Go on stiggers,write what you like!" or for that kind of money I would write housing but not complain about it! To be off and out of benefits though, has to be a squillion unfortunately if I've any hope of saving anything on top of it!)