Monday, 18 July 2011

Unpopular blogs

From the totally underwhelming response I got from my comments experiment I could be forgiven for thinking that my blog is incredibly unpopular.

It's not unpopular, I got three responses!

It's not popular though, that I know. Not so much because of my underwhelming response, but visiting other peoples blogs and seeing how overwhelmingly popular they are!!

The key, I guess, if you don't want an unpopular blog, is to change it. Change how you do things, set things out, say things.
Mine is merely not popular rather than unpopular so I'm not going to change it. Here's why I believe it to be not popular and why I am not going to change it:

The template's a mess!
Yep, I go to everyone else's blogs and their templates are not only tidy, but interesting too. Mine?! My goodness, can you see the Twitter icon today? The circle of moms icon looks like it's been thrown on! Yes, covering the identity of all my followers! Even I can't see who my followers are, just a spanner indicating where they are listed.
Below all that are all my labels and the posts I've written and those archived. All is in order which leaves me only to say that you can find me in my mess.
In space as on Earth I can find myself in my mess and in space as on Earth people do pop by not minding my mess and I thank you all for that and consider you to be true friends.

No pictures!
I like a blog with pictures, have to say but you will never get pictures on here. I can't, it defeats my purpose. Stigmum has to look like how you imagine her to look. She has to be what you imagine her to be. She is the most stereotyped individual in our society and while I lived in Papier Mache Tower with a fag hanging out my gob I fit the stereotype perfectly.
If I did put on pictures it would have to be of clouds and trees and such like and well, my blog isn't really clouds and tree like (though I could have a stab at some poetry (?) this morning about the clouds in the blue sky and the leaves waving at me from my living room window...)

Boring topics!
Housing...uuurgh..see, even I think it so how could you not?
There are opinions on benefits, politics, mental health, all kinds of things like that here but sometimes written in ways one doesn't expect - poetry? - songs - questions - my style changes so I don't get bored... Flip, yes, I'd have to call this blog unpopular if I didn't like it.

So yep, there's all kinds of treasure in this blog of mine..this blog of stiggers, all kinds of things that are personal, all kinds of things that maybe I shouldn't have written..transposed...

So to conclude: My blog is not unpopular, it's just not that popular compared to really popular ones like like oh I dunno the winner of circle of moms who's a dad.

It only matters if you have an unpopular blog if it matters to you
And if it matters to you
Well yeah, you change it
you just don't give up!
Blogging's fun!


Anonymous said...

I genuinely believe what makes for an interesting blog is its content. It doesn't matter what it looks like, if the content isn't grabbing an audience then it won't be popular. I read many blogs that look, on first glance, incredibly boring, but once you start reading them you realise the author is someone who takes care with their posts and isn't afraid to write from the heart.

There's nothing wrong with this one. But you have to do what you feel comfortable with; blogging is a very personal experience but if you're looking to attract many followers and a large readership, it has to be original too.

CJ xx

Frankie P said...

CJ is right, content is what makes a good blog. Of the ones i read some are "popular" but some aren't. but it is the content that draws me back to them. Like yours, you have opened up a whole new world to me which is why i always visit. i may not always comment but i do read it.. Whereas i have blogs that i visit that are fill of reviews or kids stuff which to be honest i am not that fussed about..

I think i mentioned before that i am not sure if Britmums is the right forum for me, or even you, but it is a start. Also i guess it depends on what you blog for, i do it to keep the grey matter ticking. I hate being put in the SAHM box and being refer to as a mummy blogger, i am just someone who blogs and is a mum.. think that is why i try and do random things..

Phew.... i could keep going but i think you will get the picture... xx

Stigmum said...

I get both your pictures, thanks very much! See, content is Queen (arf!) ok, king (blah!)
I have been drawn into blogs by pictures of course but it is the writing for me; there are some amazing writers out there, brilliant topics.
I am someone who blogs and is a mum so yes, me too, sometimes Britmums doesn't fit with me, but then I've met coooool mammas through that! I didn't put my comment experiment on that though, don't know why! Afraid of getting lots of responses? That would be funny! Especially given my desire to hide when I started this. Afraid of getting none? Well, that was the experiment! I should have put something up there!

You do have to be comfortable with what you write, but in the past I "wrote over" the uncomfortable things I wrote, which helped me deal with them. Comfortable writing uncomfortable things (kind of)!

I agree though, for a large readership you do have to be original, or perhaps not original, but a good to middling to great writer.

Oh I dunno!! I like your blogs though - for their content - writing and pictures and templates and oh, the whole package!!