Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Publisher closes local paper

At the weekend I was told the Camden Gazette is being shut down by its publisher.

I laughed when I heard, not because it's funny, because it so isn't, but because a couple of days before an Independent journalist called the News of the World closure a "local issue". Local?! The man must be writing with a "global" mind to think News of the Screws local! So I thought at the time.

Camden Gazette is local. Camden Gazette is free. People are still going to lose their jobs though and its another less newspaper in the market.

Last night on Channel 4 news it was touted that Murdoch might sell his other titles - The Sun, The Times, The Sunday Times.

It almost felt like the beginning of the end of newspapers.

Never I hope. I hope never. With iphones, ipads, iwhatevers able to deliver your news straight to your handheld device, it's easy to see a world where paper no longer has a place.

Oh but it does.

All over my sitting room floor, sofa, table by the looks of things

Perhaps I should tidy up my mess abit

So should you Murdoch

before you leave?

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