Friday, 22 July 2011

End of term, end of year!!

A year ago I was in tears not knowing if my son would be at his school this year, as we faced our imminent eviction.

His school report came back on Monday - fantastic. He's above average for everything except music and pe where he's at the national average for his age.

He bought his work home two days ago, and I know I'm biased but his stuff's brilliant! I've been reading through it all, like his viking work for History: "Dear diary, How dare them, I just want to kill them but that would be a ruin to God's creation. How stinky are they, they smell like dead fish!"

I'm really proud of him for trying so hard and doing so well. I'm really proud of the school for challenging him and encouraging him.

He's going back in September, into Year 4 - blimey doesn't time flash fast! I will keep praying all the dreams I have for his education, stay on the path that they are on now.

It means I must continue to live here, somehow... or be lucky enough to bid for somewhere in this catchment my boy has lived all his life.

Let me not think about that though. Let me simply enjoy the time we are going to have together.

Maybe some of his school friends will be kicking around over the holidays. That would be good, I know that's what he would like!

Happy end of scchool year if you have children too! Always a poignant moment!

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