Monday, 11 July 2011

Unfair dismissals at the News of the World

I read somewhere (I've not stopped reading) that some journalists from the News of the World are thinking about claiming unfair dismissal following the way they lost their jobs. Apparently Bekky, their chief exec has told them that in time they will understand why the paper had to go.

Gosh, takes me back....

I worked for a magazine which was one of a trio of trade titles. It was the most profitable one of the three.

My magazine was closed, the bimonthly was then made monthly and rebranded.

I didn't understand. They say that all new mothers can feel abit thick, but I really didn't get it.
I challenged my company with unfair dismissal and I was eventually given a job on another of its monthly titles. which was closed five months later. The freelancers were kept on to work on the weekly, and I, the only "member" of staff...

The News of the World has been closed, another may pop up by another name. Word is another will pop up by another name which will run on a third of the workforce than the NoW (for the time being anyway)

260 people worked for the News of the Screws; 200 they say, will be made redundant. They may never understand why their paper had to go or they may come to the same understanding of my profitable mag being closed - corporate politics, executive decisions.

That's it - a few at the top saying get rid of it. The workforce - well, it's not "personal".

I was told not to take my company to court; even if I won, no-one in the industry would employ me afterwards. I was gutted at the time though as I'm sure all those journalists are gutted now.

For me it's all a long long time ago, other factors smashed up the foundations of my life which I'm try to rebuild. I wish luck to all the innocents who have fallen out from this fall-out.

It's a nasty business, a business that "sails so close to the wind" - as I was told mine did, with me - but sadly that is business - "little" people count for very little when it suits.

In the big scheme of things that is.

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