Monday, 11 July 2011

Laying bets on BskyB takeover

It's the big question isn't it - Will News Corp take over BskyB?

Not next week of course, not even after the summer, but let this little Parliament/Police/Press scandal die down or better still die and.... well, will Murdoch get his prize of the lion's share of UK broadcasting?

He's flown in to the UK I'm told by each newspaper this morning and says his No 1 priority is Ms Brooks, she who was told to remain as 200 of her staff were given the chop.

She's quite integral to the whole deal isn't she?
She and Cameron are BFF's aren't they (Best Friend's Forever) in their Chipping Norton social set?
She's practically related to all the Murdoch siblings, being Daddy Murdoch's "fifth daughter"... a bridge between Dave and Jim therefore, a News International deal breaker (well, Big Chief actually)

There's so much to play for isn't there?

Amazing turn of events.

A question nagging me all weekend though was why the housing minister Shapps and not the Culture minister Hunt was rolled out onto Newsnight on Friday evening? Is it because a tory housing minister wouldn't be expected to know anything about the BskyB deal so less risk of being tripped up by probing broadcast journalists? Why are all the Tories who are rolled out Tories few people know?

You know, I love the plurality of the media. Yeah, you know I do.

I don't want to lose more of my favourite programmes though the way I lost Lost, just because I have freeview or go with Virgin or like now, have no-one boo hoo hoo, just bbc, itv (1), channel 4 and channel 5 and an aerial that never gives me a clear picture, but still, that's better than nothing I guess.

It's all I'll say on the matter for now, there are two enquiries that are going to begin; arrests, questionings (I know nofink guv)..and at the end of it all Dave's "judgement." You'd think it would be a no brainer ey this bsb lark

Have I got News for You - I'm missing you. Will you be back in the autumn?


Frankie P said...

Oh call me cynical but of course the deal will go thru, The tories haven't the balls to stand up to Murdoch.... Good point about them shipping out their not so known mps... never thought about that...

Stigmum said...

I'm cynical about it too. Do not trust the Tories (does anybody still?) but even so, they are all BFF's...Cameron's "we were all in it together" about sucking up to the press was a tad disingenuous to get mere folk like you and I off the scent of how embroiled he is and will continue to be in all this.
I hope the deal doesn't go through.