Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Comment experiment

Right, I wanna try something out.

Since time started on my blog, I've always had the setting to moderate all comments.

I like this cos I can see what post the comment is for - for some people read posts from way back, not just the posts written that day.

Many other bloggers don't do the whole comment moderation thing and I've sometimes commented on posts which aren't current ones they've written but they've found it and answered the comment (Frankie P!)

I also found that when I leave a comment, it's nice to see it go up pretty quickly. Visitors to my blog have to wait, which they might not mind, or maybe they do mind.

So, as an experiment, I've switched the wait for moderation thing off.

It may be I don't get any comments
It may be that I get zillions

No idea! That's what makes experiments so much more fun!!

So, are you going to comment?
Would you prefer to wait to see it come up or do you prefer immediacy?

Bold move this for me ya know....

Ah dear, sometimes I do make myself laugh at how pathetic I can be!
(sometimes I do have to step back from how serious Stigs can be...bit of fun, bit of fun stigs!)


A Modern Mother said...

It doesn't matter to me when a comment shows up. What matter most is that it is easy to comment. Curious to know how this goes.

Stigmum said...

A day later, you are the only one to commment so thank you!! I shall write a quick "results" post.. Takes me off my beaten track abit, but beaten track is only housing and grim politics at the moment so a welcome relief really!!

Frankie P said...

Hey i didn't comment as i was offline with son no 1... so that is two comments

Stigmum said...

Hey, that doesn't matter! May bug people on twitter to see if I can get more responses, poss on the 'results' post cos I spy there are a couple on there already!