Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A surprise full of no surprises - Clegg's camp responds

Yesterday afternoon I finished the day's posting saying regarding my postcard, I hadn't heard from any politicians and most delicately wrote that they were telling me to FUCK OFF.

Imagine my surprise then when I went downstairs and saw an envelope addressed to me with THE DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER emblazoned on the back!

That has never happened to me before! Not even when I got a reply back from Blair's camp (oh yes, been a long ol' journey my one...) saying my letter to him had been passed to his Deputy Prime Minister of which I never heard so much as a whisper from.

So, to Clegg's letter

Dear Ms de Nim,

I am writing on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister to thank you for your letter of
11 May.

I regret that neither Mr Clegg or this office is able to intervene in or comment on individual cases. I hope you will understand that as the points you raise are a matter for the Department for Communities and Local Government, he has asked me to forward your letter to them so that they are aware of your continued concern.

Thank you, once again, for writing the the Deputy Prime Minister.

Yours sincerely

It's gone to Pickles then! Quite funny given the recent hoo dee haa leaked document that sprang from his office saying 40,000 people would be made homeless with these cuts.

Is it for Pickles to decide if Camden gets the £238 owed to it?

At least the letter doesn't say I'll hear from the DCLG, like Cameron's did and I've still heard nought. I heard back from it when Brown said he'd forwarded my letter there.

Which reminds me of the time I met Clegg:

"I wrote to Brown!" I was saying as part of one long stream.
"Heard back from him did you?" he scoffed interrupting.
"I did actually yes, he told me it was up to the local authortity to help me and the local authority is YOU!"

Cooo, the press liked that....

Well the £238m I'm asking for isn't up to the local authority. It was once but it didn't want to be blackmailed. I'm trying to get it back for it.

The rest of the letter I tell him to do something about housing and well, a libdem person (very low down) said something on the news the other day (that it was up to the people very high up) and well, debates are moving along in a beautiful series of events:

Pickles + Channel 4 Doc supported by Shelter and narrated by Jon Snow

I hope it = more social housing

You know that' s what I want, what I really really want...
(speaking of which, has Posh had her baby yet?)

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