Monday, 4 July 2011

Shapps talks SHITE

Oh twitter...twitter twitter twooooo... It leads me to articles that make me angry.

Lastest is this offering from the housing minister Grant Shapps; the same housing minister who won't answer my letter:

"Getting 'radical'" The man thinks we're stupid.

Take this little line: Safe house
The private rented sector can give some of these families a safe and secure roof over their heads, and the stability they need to begin rebuilding their lives

Private sector - safe? secure? stable?

Does Shapps know the meaning of these words?

Homeowner may feel 'safe', 'secure', and 'stable' but renters? "It's not your home, it's somewhere you rent," said the libdem lady when I was being evicted.

Currently, the solution to virtually every case where a household is accepted as homeless is considered to be social housing. But it’s an out-of-date concept that is unreasonable for households which are stuck in temporary accommodation for longer than they need to be, and doesn’t necessarily provide the most effective help to people rebuilding their lives.

And the private sector does, does it Shapps? NO. SOCIAL HOUSING, COUNCIL HOUSING provides people with a stable foundation on which to rebuild their lives.

Our proposed changes will allow councils to use a house or flat in the private sector where they are satisfied that it is suitable for the family’s needs.

Here in Camden that market is saturated now so even in the private sector, people are being moved out of the borough with next to impossible chances of being moved back in.

And councils must ensure that the accommodation is suitable, safe and secure and available for a minimum of 12 months.

Oh you're kind Shapps, a year! And then what? Here in Camden people are being evicted from their private rental schemes. It's not secure at all even if it is temporarily suitable.

Some have made the argument that it is too costly to use the private rented sector to house families. But they ignore the fact that we already pay the huge cost of temporary accommodation for those households accepted as homeless

That's the point isn't it Shapps - hostel rooms, one room costs £400 a week. More than this 2 bed flat which is deemed too expensive for the likes of me - but its the same as rents in the private sector over here but the protection it affords me as temporary housing is that my housing benefit is protected. You don't like that do you?

That’s why I’ve called on councils to start forging closer links with landlords and letting agents, so that when the new powers in the Localism Bill come in they can hit the ground running.

Oh PURLEEEASE. Camden's been doing this for years, the market is now saturated and private landlords. like my ex landlady, think they can get more from 'working professionals' so benefits claimants can f off. You haven't spent any time down here have you Shapps?

But that’s not to say it will be the end to the problem. We need more social homes.


The new affordable rent model that we are offering social landlords will allow them to charge new tenants who can afford it higher rents and will contribute, as a result, to delivering up to 150,000 new affordable homes over the next four years.

You're heralding the end to secure, affordable, stable social housing aren't you?

Only you won't admit it.

There are names given to people like you but I can't think of it right now, I'm too angry at your shite talk.

Give us something radical, go on, like ending the Right To Buy on council and social housing.

Dare you.

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