Sunday, 3 July 2011

Throw out the dead wood - Astro advice!!

I've had a wonderful weekend! On Friday I was invited to a party at the Cafe de Paris. What a raucous time was had there while watching the burlesque show! I've never been before; I recommend!!

Last night I was invited to a barbeque by my neighbours downstairs. What a brilliant time I had there! What an eclectic bunch of friends I was introduced to or got chatting too!

What was really wild about both nights was that the people who invited me I didn't really know that well but I went along and I had a really excellent time.

I took a chance and had a really excellent time. (You read that, shy people!)

Today, as I sup my tea, I read the horoscopes that have zoomed into my inbox.

"The one thing in life you can count on is change," I said to the Polish tattoo artist last night as I, ahem, sipped an Italian aperitif made up of Campari, white wine and water. "Heh heh! Hic!"

You might not be one for change but the planets are aligning this week. You might think all this astro planet stuff is a load of hokey pokey.

Bring it on, I say! Bring it on and allow me, allow us, to come out of it all unscathed!

Here, for you... Throw out the dead wood!

Astro theme for the day . . .Moon Meditation: “Changes from inside out !…” The big astro news of the week is that there’s another mighty meeting of the planets this week - this time between lucky Jupiter and explosive Pluto. Links like this between the big outer planets don’t come along every day of the week - not even every week or month. They are a message from the Universe to all of us that we need to throw out the dead wood in our lives. Or actually, since Jupiter the amplifier is involved, make that a massive message from the Universe to all of us that we need to THROW OUT THE DEAD WOOD IN OUR LIVES! Where in your life has something died and gone toxic? Yes that’s a horrible image but it’s a very valid one under these Stars - Pluto is all about detoxing, eviscerating the dross, clearing out the old to make way for the new. We all have a major chance to do that now. It could be a person, a job or a living situation which you know has to change. It could also be something more subtle, like a habit or an attitude which you know is poisoning things for you. If you use this link to get rid of it, the process should be relatively painless.
(Closer Online)


Frankie P said...

So a interesting week for you then? Good to hear that you had a fab weekend, now i know why you needed macdonalds....

Stigmum said...

Oh I hope so! I always try and extract the good stuff from horoscopes!! Was so happy I had such a positive weekend too so I could hold on to that and try think positively this week. Took your advice yesterday and had a large coke but unlike day before, went for crisps instead of a burger!!