Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Cover-up or coincidence - the dead whistleblower?

You can't make up how this phone hacking story is unfolding - executives resigning, police commissioners resigning - but I did not expect the shock I got last night.

Having watched the brilliant and damning Panorama documentary where an ex News of the World journalist, Sean Hoare, agreed to be filmed blowing the whistle on his old employers if his solicitor was present, I went onto Twitter for some mental company, for my head was full of it. Following a 'trend' would be like talking about the programme, hearing what other people thought about it, 'discussing' it in 140 characters.

There I discovered that Sean Hoare had been found dead at his flat that morning.
I was so shocked.
I'm still shocked.

It's all over the front pages this morning - The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Mail.

His death is "unexplained" but "not suspicious".

It's a blinding coincidence in a local scandal that's finding its way Stateside with each passing day where Murdoch has so much more to lose.

I can't help myself though, all these "unexplained" deaths.

That man Kelly, over the weapons of mass destruction thing, was said to have committed suicide which was contested and contested by people who knew him.

Jennyfer Spencer wrote a note to the CNJ asking them to investigate her death then died and suicide was ruled out in her case, and it was accepted as "unexplained" - Unexplained? Didn't she explain it? In her note?

You just don't know do you?

But England's not as twee and lovely as I like to think it is because the world isn't as twee and lovely as we all know it isn't.

Did you get in the way Mr Hoare?

Thank you for your bravery.

Rest in peace.



Frankie P said...

They had a big picture of him in the Times on tuesday (i think)... you can't help but think that in someway this whole debacle is to blame..

Hope you didn't mind my comment on your other post about popular blogs.. it was an edited version of what i orginally wrote..

Stigmum said...

Mind? Mind your comment? No way! I was so flattered you like mine and also, we have very similar outlooks as bloggers so it's always great to know you're in great company!!

As for Sean Hoare, the whole thing does upset me because yes, I can't help thinking this hacking farce has something to do with his death. I mean, the forensics only went round his house AFTER the Guardian broke the story... what's that about?