Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Back to Housing...2012

I have just written a lovely post about my son back at school. Lovely for me, not for you necessarily.

The Back to School label was going to harbour a post about my son, yes, but also, blogging. Back to blogging

Back to blogging...

Back to housing?

Well I don't know

I asked myself why I had a housing 2011 label last year. I should have given myself a break from it, not thought about That Which Makes Me Want To Kill Myself.

I know why I didn't though; the legislations were still untabled (untabled?) I could still try to stop them going through.

Ha ha ha ha ha

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Oh my God, what was I thinking?!!!

That even if I'd put more into it, possibly written more articles, or letters, or tweets to the housing minister no-one would be losing their homes this year, thousands instead would move into secure affordable ones???!

Oh my, I'm so funny!!!! Fantastically deluded!!!!

I do not know why I have set up a Housing 2012 label. I think I had a thought over the holidays that I would have to start thinking about bidding this year and the label MIGHT help me do that. But what more can I tell you about bidding that I already haven't? Jack shit, that's what.

Listen, I'm going to send my It Could Be You article to a couple more politicians. Need to follow those voracious dreams I had over Christmas even if it's pointless (talking of which my points should go up this year...ten years in the borough..ten years....a decade...oh my God, a decade lost, lost to...)

After that, well I Don't Know

See what comes ey

I'm told I'm protected from the housing benefit cuts but I'm not protected from arrears if I get a job (parenting is a job isn't it?), am I? Are you?

"Happy New Fear!" the Estimator said to me in the coffee shop this morning.

Years I've been afraid, years, you know, three of them are recorded.

For an Estimator to say Happy New Fear

well all I can say is

Welcome to my world all you middle classes

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